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Synonyms of ground in English:


  • 1 she stumbled and then collapsed on the ground
  • 2 their feet sank into the soggy ground
    earth, soil, topsoil, dirt, clay, loam, turf, clod, mould, sod, dust;
    land, terrain
  • 3 the team won at their home ground
    track, course, racetrack, racecourse, ring, rink;
    North American  bowl
  • 4 (grounds) a balcony overlooking the embassy grounds
    estate, gardens, lawns, park, parkland, land, acres, property, surroundings, domain, holding, territory
    archaic demesne
  • 5 (grounds) his actions constituted grounds for dismissal
    reason, cause, basis, base, foundation, justification, rationale, argument, premise, occasion, factor, excuse, pretext, motive, motivation, inducement
  • 6 (grounds) there were coffee grounds in the bottom of the cup
    sediment, precipitate, settlings, dregs, lees, deposit, residue, sludge
    rare grouts
  • Phrases

    get off the ground
    prefab housing never quite got off the ground
    get going, get under way, begin, start, start off, go ahead
    informal kick off
    formal commence
    get something off the ground
    he thanked the hardworking committee who successfully got the project off the ground
    set in motion, get under way, get going, start, begin, activate, institute, initiate, launch, get in operation, get working/functioning
    formal commence
    go to ground
    he went to ground when we asked for elaboration
    [Antonyms] come out into the open
    hide, hide out, hide oneself, conceal oneself, secrete oneself, shelter, take cover, lie low, go to earth, go underground
    informal hole up
    British informal lie doggo
    stand one's ground
    he looked so sad but I had to stand my ground
    [Antonyms] give up
    stand firm, be firm, make a stand, be resolute, insist, be determined, show determination, hold on, hold out, be emphatic, not take no for an answer, brook no refusal
    informal stick to one's guns


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  • 1 a bitter wind blew and the bombers were grounded
    prevent from flying, keep on the ground
  • 2 the boat grounded on a mud bank
    run aground, become stranded, run ashore, beach, become beached, land, be high and dry
    [Antonyms] float, put to sea
  • 3 this assertion was grounded on results of several studies
    base, found, establish, set, settle, root, build, construct, form
  • 4 her governess grounded her in Latin and Greek
    informal give the gen about, give the low-down on, gen up on, clue up on, clue in on, fill in on, put in the picture about
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