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  • 1 a bitter wind blew and the bombers were grounded
    prevent from flying, keep on the ground
  • 2 the boat grounded on a mud bank
    run aground, become stranded, run ashore, beach, become beached, land, be high and dry
    the boat grounded on a mud bank
    [Antonyms] float, put to sea
  • 3 this assertion was grounded on results of several studies
    base, found, establish, set, settle, root, build, construct, form


get off the ground

prefab housing never quite got off the ground get goingget under waybeginstartstart offgo ahead informalkick off formalcommence

get something off the ground

he thanked the hardworking committee who successfully got the project off the ground set in motionget under wayget goingstartbeginactivateinstituteinitiatelaunchget in operationget working/functioning formalcommence

go to ground

he went to ground when we asked for elaboration
[Antonyms] come out into the open
hidehide outhide oneselfconceal oneselfsecrete oneselfsheltertake coverlie lowgo to earthgo underground informalhole upBritish informallie doggo

stand one's ground

he looked so sad but I had to stand my ground
[Antonyms] give up
stand firmbe firmmake a standbe resoluteinsistbe determinedshow determinationhold onhold outbe emphaticnot take no for an answerbrook no refusal informalstick to one's guns

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