Synonyms of growth in English:



  • 1 many countries have rapid population growth
    [Antonyms] decrease
  • 2 the hormone stimulates the growth of the pancreas
    [Antonyms] shrinking
  • 3 harsh weather stunts the growth of plants
    [Antonyms] withering
  • 4 the marked growth of local enterprises
    rise, success, thriving, flourishing, blooming;
    boom, upturn, upswing
    [Antonyms] decline, failure
  • 5 he went to hospital to have a growth removed
    tumour, cancerous growth, malignant growth, malignancy, cancer;
    technical process, bulla
  • Word links

    -plasia prefix related to growth, as in dysplasia, achondroplasia
    onco- relating to growths, as in oncogenic
    -oma suffix related to growths, as in carcinoma, melanoma
    oncology branch of medicine concerned with growths

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