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Synonyms of grub in English:


  • 1 the grub becomes a fully grown beetle
  • 2 informal we had third helpings of delicious pub grub See food
  • verb

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  • 1 kids like grubbing around in the dirt
    dig, excavate, burrow, tunnel;
    literary delve
  • 2 they grub up the old trees and replace them
    dig up, unearth, disinter, uproot, root out, root up, pull up, pull out, tear out, take out of the ground
    literary deracinate
    [Antonyms] plant
  • 3 he began grubbing about in the waste-paper basket
    search, hunt, delve, dig, rummage, scrabble, scour, probe, ferret (about/around), root, rifle, fish, poke;
    go through, turn upside down, turn inside out
    British informal rootle
    Australian/New Zealand informal fossick through
    rare roust
  • 4 she achieved financial independence without having to grub for it
    informal slog away, plug away, peg away, kill oneself, put one's back into it, sweat blood, knock oneself out
    British informal graft, fag
    archaic drudge, travail, moil
    [Antonyms] take it easy
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