Synonyms of hackle in English:




make someone's hackles rise

his impatient reply made her hackles rise
[Antonyms] appease
annoyirritateexasperateangerirkvexput outnettleprovokeincensegallrileinfuriateantagonizeget on someone's nervesrub up the wrong waymake someone's blood boilruffle someone's feathersruffletry someone's patienceoffendpiquepeeverankle with informalaggravateneedlemake someone see redhack offget someone's back upget someone's goatget under someone's skinget up someone's noseget in someone's hairget someone's dander upbuggetmiffBritish informalwind upget atnarkget acrossget on someone's wickNorth American informaltee offtick offburn uprankleridegravel informal, datedgive someone the pip vulgar slangpiss off rareexacerbatehumprasp

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