Synonyms of hang in English:



  • 1 lanterns hung from the ridgepole of the tent
    be suspended, hang down, be pendent, dangle, swing, sway
    archaic depend
    [Antonyms] rise
  • 2 it's best to hang your pictures at eye level
    put up, fix, attach, affix, fasten, post, display, suspend, stick up, pin up, tack up, nail up, put on a hook
    [Antonyms] take down
  • 3 size the wall before you hang the wallpaper
    paste up, glue on, stick up, fasten on, fix on, attach
    [Antonyms] peel off
  • 4 the room was hung with banners and streamers
    decorate, adorn, drape, festoon, deck out, trick out, bedeck, array, furnish, garland, swathe, cover, ornament
    informal get up, do up, do out, tart up
  • 5 they hanged the prisoners at a triple gallows
    execute by hanging, hang by the neck, send to the gallows, send to the gibbet, send to the scaffold, gibbet, put to death; lynch
    informal string up
  • 6 pollutants hang in the air over the motorway
    hover, float, drift, linger, remain static, be suspended, be poised
    [Antonyms] be dispersed
  • Phrases

    hang about/around/round

  • 1 they spent most of their time hanging around restaurants or bars
    loiter in, linger in, wait around in, spend time in, loaf (around/about) in, lounge (around/about) in; waste time, kill time, mark time, while away the/one's time, dally; kick one's heels, cool one's heels, twiddle one's thumbs; frequent, be a regular visitor to, be a regular client of, haunt
    informal hang out in
  • 2 hang about, see what it says here?
    wait, hold on, wait a minute
    informal hang on, hold your horses
  • 3 he was hanging around with a fellow called Mick
    [Antonyms] have nothing to do with
  • informal

    hang back

    she hung back, scared to face the old womanstay backhold backstay in the backgroundshrink backshy awaybe reluctant to come forwardhesitatedemurrecoilturn away

    hang fire

    we should hang fire for things to cool offdelayhang backhold backhold onstallstoppauseceasehaltdiscontinueprocrastinatevacillateadopt Fabian tactics informalhang abouthang aroundsit tighthold one's horses

    hang on

  • 1 he hung on to the back of her coat
    hold on to, hold fast to, grip, clutch, grasp, hold tightly, cling to, cling on to
    literary cleave to
    [Antonyms] let go of
  • 2 the whole credibility of electoral reform hangs on this decision
    depend on, be dependent on, turn on, hinge on, rest on, be based on, be conditional on, be contingent upon, be determined by, be decided by, be conditioned by, revolve around
  • 3 she hung on his every word
    listen closely to, attend closely to, pay close attention to, be very attentive to, concentrate hard on, pay heed to, lend an ear to, give ear to, be rapt by
    informal be all ears for
    archaic hearken to
    [Antonyms] pay no attention to
  • 4 I will hang on until there are other people who can take the campaign forward
    persevere, hold out, hold on, go on, carry on, keep on, keep going, keep at it, not give up; continue, persist, remain, stay the course, stay with it, struggle on, plod on, plough on
    informal soldier on, plug away, peg away, stick at it, stick it out, hang in there, bash on
    [Antonyms] give up
  • 5 informal hang on, let me think for a moment
    wait, wait a minute, hold on, stop; hold the line
    informal hold your horses, sit tight
    British informal hang about
  • hang out

    informal he spent a lot of time hanging out with other musiciansassociatemixgo aroundkeep companyspend timeminglesocializefraternizeconsortrub shouldersNorth Americanrub elbows informalhang aroundrun aroundknock about/aroundbe thickhobnobBritish informalhang about

    hang something out

    you can hang out the washing in the laundry roompeg outpeg upstick uppin updrapefixfasten

    hang over

  • 1 two girls hung over the rail of the ferry
    lean over, bend over, bend downwards, bend forwards, lean forwards, droop forwards, bow over
  • 2 the threat of budget cuts is hanging over us
    be imminent, threaten, approach, be close, be impending, impend, loom, draw near, be in prospect, be on the horizon, be just around the corner
  • noun

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    get the hang of

    informal I never got the hang of roller skatingget the knack ofmasterlearnacquire the technique ofacquire the skill oflearn the art ofbecome proficient inbecome expert inmanagecatch on topick upunderstandgraspcomprehend

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