Synonyms of horror in English:



  • 1 children screamed in horror
    terror, fear, fear and trembling, fearfulness, fright, alarm, panic, dread, trepidation
    [Antonyms] delight
  • 2 to her horror she found that a thief had stolen the machine
    disgust, outrage, shock
    [Antonyms] satisfaction
  • 3 photographs showed the horror of the tragedy
    atrocity, outrage, crime, barbarity
  • 4 informal that little horror Zach was around
    British informal perisher
    Northern English informal tyke, scallion
    North American informal varmint, hellion
  • Phrases

    have a horror of

    Laura had a horror of pubs
    [Antonyms] love
    hate, detest, loathe, greatly dislike, have a strong aversion to, abhor, abominate, be unable to bear/stand

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