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Synonyms of horse in English:


  • mount, charger, yearling;
    cob, draught horse, carthorse, packhorse, racehorse;
    nag, hack;
    North American  bronco;
    Australian/New Zealand  moke, yarraman
    archaic steed, jade
    children's word gee-gee
  • verb

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    horse around/about
    informal they were talking silly and horsing around
    [Antonyms] be serious
    fool around/about, play the fool, act foolishly, act the clown, act the fool, play about/around, clown about/around, monkey about/around, play tricks, indulge in horseplay, engage in high jinks
    British informal muck about/around
    North American informal cut up

    Word links

    equine, hippic relating to horses
    hippo- related prefix, as in hippodrome, hippopotamus
    stallion male
    gelding castrated male
    mare1 female
    foal young
    colt young male
    filly young female
    drove2, string, stud2, team collective noun
    equestrian relating to riding horses
    hippophobia fear of horses
    horse-coper British archaic seller of horses
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