Synonyms of house in English:



  • 1 the new estate comprises 200 houses
    home, place of residence, homestead, lodging place, a roof over one's head
  • 2 make yourself scarce before you wake the whole house
    household, family, family circle, ménage, clan, tribe
    informal brood
  • 3 the power and prestige of the house of Stewart
  • 4 the publishing and printing house grew to become self-financing
  • 5 the sixty-member National Council, the country's upper house
    legislative assembly, legislative body, chamber, council, parliament, diet, congress, senate
  • 6 the house burst into applause
    audience, crowd, those present, listeners, spectators, viewers, gathering, assembly, assemblage, congregation; gallery, stalls
    informal punters
  • 7 the house offers a wide variety of real ales
    inn, bar, tavern, hostelry, taproom; restaurant, hotel, eating house; Britishpub, public house
    informal eatery, boozer
    North American historical saloon
  • Phrases

    on the house

    informal our first rounds always came on the house
    [Antonyms] paid for
    freefree of chargewithout paymentwithout chargeat no costfor nothinggratiscourtesycomplimentary informalfor freeNorth American informalcomp


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  • 1 they converted a disused cinema to house twelve employees
    accommodate, provide accommodation for, provide with accommodation, give accommodation to, make space for, make room for, give someone a roof over their head, provide a roof over someone's head, provide with a place to work, harbour; lodge, quarter, board, billet, take in, provide shelter for, shelter; sleep, put up, give a bed to, provide with a place to sleep
    [Antonyms] evict
  • 2 the rear panel houses the selector switch
    contain, hold, store, cover; protect, enclose, encase, sheathe, keep safe
    [Antonyms] expose
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