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Synonyms of illusion in English:


  • 1 I was under no illusion about the difficulty of my job he had destroyed her illusions
    delusion, misapprehension, misconception, deception, false impression, mistaken impression;
    fallacy, error, misjudgement, fancy
  • 2 the lighting helps to increase the illusion of depth
    appearance, impression, imitation, semblance, pretence, sham;
    false appearance, deceptive appearance, deception, misperception
    rare simulacrum
    [Antonyms] reality
  • 3 the magical illusion is created using mirrors, lights, and paint
    mirage, hallucination, apparition, phantasm, phantom, vision, spectre, fantasy, figment of the imagination, will-o'-the-wisp, trick of the light;
  • 4 he is keen to dispel any impression that his illusions are achieved using TV trickery
    magic trick, conjuring trick, trick, deception;
    (illusionsmagic, conjuring, sleight of hand, legerdemain, trickery
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