Synonyms of image in English:



  • 1 an image of the Madonna
  • 2 Voyager 2 sent back images of the planet Neptune
    picture, facsimile, photograph, snapshot, photo; optical representation, reproduction
  • 3 he contemplated his image in the mirrors
    reflection, mirror image, likeness; echo
  • 4 the world has an image of this country as democratic
    conception, impression, idea, concept, perception, notion; mental picture, mental representation, conceptualization, vision, fancy, thought
  • 5 his poetry is constructed around biblical images
    simile, metaphor, metonymy; figure of speech, trope, figurative expression, turn of phrase, rhetorical device, conceit; word painting, word picture
  • 6 everyone expects him to live up to his heart-throb image
    public perception, public conception, public impression, persona, profile, face, identity, front, facade, mask, guise, role, part; portrayal, depiction
  • 7 Ma says I'm the image of my grandfather
    double, living image, replica, lookalike, clone, copy, reproduction, twin, duplicate, exact likeness, facsimile, counterpart, mirror image; GermanDoppelgänger
    informal very spit, dead spit, spitting image, chip off the old block, ringer, dead ringer
    archaic similitude
  • 8 a graven image
    idol, icon, fetish, false god, golden calf, totem, talisman
  • verb

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  • she imaged imposing castles and cathedrals
    envisage, envision, imagine, conceive of, picture, dream up, see in one's mind's eye
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    icono- related prefix
    iconography, iconology study of images

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