Synonyms of iron in English:



  • 1 she needed some iron in her soul
    strength, toughness, resilience, fortitude, firmness, robustness, hardiness, steel
    informal guts, grit, grittiness, spunk
    [Antonyms] weakness
  • 3 an iron that is too hot will melt nylon
  • 4 (irons) you will be clapped in irons
  • adjective

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  • 1 an iron key
    made of iron;
    ferric, ferrous
  • 2 an iron law of politics
    inflexible, unbreakable, absolute, unconditional, categorical, unquestionable, incontrovertible, infallible
    [Antonyms] flexible
  • 3 he ruled over his employees with an iron will
    uncompromising, unrelenting, unyielding, unbending, resolute, resolved, determined, firm, rigid, steadfast, unwavering, unvacillating;
    stern, strict
    [Antonyms] weak, flexible
  • verb

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  • she even used to iron his shirts
  • Phrases

    iron something out

  • 1 John had ironed out all the minor snags
    informal patch up, fix, mend, clean up, crack, figure out
    archaic compose
  • 2 the new directive will iron out differences in national systems
    eliminate, eradicate, erase, get rid of, smooth over;
    harmonize, reconcile
  • Word links

    ferro- related prefix, as in ferroconcrete
    ferri- related prefix, as in ferrimagnetic
    sidero-2 related prefix, as in siderophore

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