Synonyms of jam in English:



  • 1 he jammed a finger in each ear
  • 2 several hundred friends and celebrities jammed into the shop students soon jammed the streets
    crowd, pack, pile, press, squeeze, cram;
    throng, occupy, fill, overfill, overcrowd;
    obstruct, block, clog, congest;
    North American mob
  • 3 the rudder had jammed
    stick, become stuck, catch, seize (up), become immobilized, become unable to move, become fixed, become wedged, become lodged, become trapped
  • 4 even dust could jam the mechanism
    immobilize, paralyse, disable, cripple;
    deactivate, put out of action, make inoperative;
    stop, halt, bring to a halt, bring to a standstill
    [Antonyms] free
  • noun

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  • 1 a traffic jam
    tailback, line, stream, hold-up, obstruction, congestion, bottleneck, stoppage;
    North American gridlock
    informal snarl-up
  • 2 informal I'd tell you if we ever got into a real jam See predicament
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    Synonyms of jam in English:



  • raspberry jam
    North American dulce
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