Synonyms of kick in English:



  • 1 her attacker punched and kicked her she kicked a box in his direction
    boot, punt, strike with the foot; propel, drive, knock, send; Scottishblooter
    British informal put the boot into, welly
  • 2 informal he was struggling to kick his drug habit
    give up, break, get out of, abandon, end, escape from; stop, cease, leave off, desist from, renounce, forgo, do without, eschew
    informal shake, pack in, lay off, quit
    [Antonyms] take up start
  • 3 the gun kicked so hard that he flinched
    recoil, spring back, fly back
  • Phrases

    kick against

    young people are expected to kick against the establishment
    [Antonyms] accept
    resistrebel againstopposestruggle/fight againstrefuse to acceptprotest againstcomplain aboutrage againstgrumble aboutobject todefydisobeyrejectspurn informalgripe aboutgrouse aboutbeef aboutbitch about

    kick someone/something around

  • 1 we feel we are undervalued and get kicked around
    abuse, mistreat, maltreat, treat disrespectfully, treat inconsiderately, push around/about, boss about/around, trample on, take for granted
    informal mess about/around, walk all over
  • 2 they began to kick around the idea of sending a man into space
    discuss, talk over, debate, thrash out, consider, moot, toy with, play with, argue the pros and cons of
  • informal

    kick back

    North American informal take a moment to kick back and enjoy an ice creamrelaxunwindtake it easyresttake one's easeslow downlet upease up/offbe at leisuresit backlazeenjoy oneselfNorth American informalchill outhang loose

    kick off

    informal the festival kicks off on Monday the installation kicks off a three-year projectstartbeginget goingget off the groundget under wayopenstart offset goingset in motionlaunchput in placeinitiateintroduceinaugurateusher instart the ball rolling informalget the show on the road formalcommence

    kick someone out

    informal he was kicked out of his regiment for insubordinationexpelsend awayejectturn outthrow outforce outoustevictput outget rid ofdismissdischarge informalchuck outsend packingboot outshow the door togive someone their marching ordersthrow someone out on their earsackfiregive someone the bootaxeBritish informalgive someone the pushgive someone the elbowgive someone the big Ebin offturf outdefenestrateNorth American informalgive someone the airgive someone the bum's rush


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  • 1 he gave the ball a kick
  • 2 informal I get a kick out of driving a racing car the murderer was a lunatic who killed for kicks
    thrill, excitement, stimulation, tingle; fun, enjoyment, amusement, pleasure, gratification
    informal buzz, high
    North American informal charge
  • 3 informal caffeine-free cola for those who want the taste without the kick mustard is mixed into the dough to give the roll a delicious kick
    potency, stimulant effect, alcoholic effect, strength, power, punch; tang, zest, bite, piquancy, edge, pungency, spice, savour
    informal zip, zing, zap, pep, oomph
  • 4 informal their parents had gone on a health kick and refused to buy junk food
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