Synonyms of kind in English:



  • 1 she brought all kinds of gifts he named the kinds of bird that could be seen
  • 2 the trials were different in kind from any that preceded them the book was the first of its kind
    type, style, stamp, manner, description, mould, cast, temperament, ilk, kidney, persuasion;
    North American stripe
    archaic grain
  • Phrases

    kind of

    informal it got kind of cosy
    in a way, in a manner of speaking, after a fashion, as one might say

    Definition of kind in:

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    Synonyms of kind in English:



  • she's a kind girl and often rings me it was so kind of him to help out
    compassionate, sympathetic, understanding, big-hearted, benevolent, benign, friendly, neighbourly, courteous, agreeable, pleasant, nice, amiable, hospitable, well meaning, well intentioned, public-spirited, well meant;
    generous, magnanimous, indulgent, tolerant, charitable, gracious, lenient, humane, merciful, clement, pitying, forbearing, long-suffering, patient;
    liberal, open-handed, lavish, bountiful, unsparing, unstinting, beneficent, munificent, giving;
    handsome, princely
    British informal decent
    literary bounteous
    rare benignant
    [Antonyms] unkind, inconsiderate, mean, cruel
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