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Synonyms of kindly in English:


  • the children were adopted by a kindly old lady he smiled in a kindly manner
    indulgent, understanding, sympathetic, lenient, tolerant, charitable, magnanimous, easy-going, patient;
    helpful, thoughtful, considerate, good, good-hearted, nice, friendly, neighbourly, pleasant, amiable, agreeable, affable, amicable
    British informal decent
    rare benignant
    [Antonyms] unkind, cruel
  • adverb

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  • 1 ‘Welcome,’ she said kindly someone kindly lent us a car
    [Antonyms] unkindly, harshly
  • 2 kindly explain what you mean by that
    please, if you please, if you would be so good, if you wouldn't mind, have the goodness to, pray;
    French s'il vous plaît
    archaic prithee
  • Phrases

    not take kindly to
    she does not take kindly to criticism
    resent, dislike, object to, take umbrage at, take exception to, be offended by, take offence at, be annoyed/irritated by, be displeased by, be affronted by, feel aggrieved about, take something amiss, be upset by, be put out by
    informal be miffed at
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