Synonyms of late in English:



  • 1 the train was one and a half hours late he was late for work
    behind time, behind schedule, behind, behindhand; not on time, unpunctual, tardy, running late, overdue, belated, delayed; slow, dilatory
    [Antonyms] punctual early fast
  • 2 her late husband
    [Antonyms] alive existing
  • 3 he was Minister for Education in the late government
    previous, preceding, former, past, prior, earlier, as was, sometime, one-time, ex-, erstwhile, old, defunct, precedent, foregoing, no longer extant; Frenchci-devant
    formal quondam
    archaic whilom
    [Antonyms] current
  • adverb

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  • 1 she had arrived late
    behind schedule, behind time, behindhand, unpunctually, belatedly, tardily, at the last minute, at the tail end; dilatorily, slowly, recently
    [Antonyms] early betimes
  • 2 I was working late
    after hours, after office hours, overtime, past the usual finishing/stopping/closing time
  • 3 I won't have you staying out late
    late at night, till the early hours of the morning
    informal till the wee small hours, till all hours
  • Phrases

    of late

    she'd been drinking too much of laterecentlylatelylatterlyin the past few daysin the last couple of weeksin recent timesnewlyfreshlynot long ago

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