Synonyms of lie in English:



  • Len's loyalty to his mates had made him tell lies
    untruth, falsehood, fib, fabrication, deception, made-up story, trumped-up story, invention, piece of fiction, fiction, falsification, falsity, fairy story/tale, cock and bull story, barefaced lie; (little) white lie, half-truth, exaggeration, prevarication, departure from the truth; yarn, story, red herring, fable, myth, flight of fancy, figment of the imagination; pretence, pretext, sham; (lies)misinformation, disinformation, perjury, dissimulation, mendacity, gossip, propaganda
    informal tall story, tall tale, whopper
    British informal porky, pork pie, porky pie
    vulgar slang bullshit
    Australian/New Zealand vulgar slang bulldust
    [Antonyms] truth fact
  • Phrases

    give the lie to

    the success of our manufactured exports gives the lie to the Opposition's portrayal of manufacturing
    [Antonyms] show to be true verify confirm
    disprovecontradictnegatedenyrefuterebutgainsaybelieinvalidateshow/prove to be falseexplodediscreditdebunkquashknock the bottom out ofdrive a coach and horses throughchallengecall into question informalshoot full of holesshoot down (in flames) rarecontrovertconfutenegative


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  • he had lied to the police as to his whereabouts
    say something untrue, tell an untruth, tell a lie, tell a falsehood, fib, fabricate, invent a story, make up a story, falsify, dissemble, dissimulate, bear false witness; tell a white lie, prevaricate, exaggerate, stretch the truth; perjure oneself, commit perjury, forswear oneself, be forsworn; bluff, pretend, depart from the truth; deceive, delude, mislead, trick, hoodwink, hoax, take in, lead astray, throw off the scent, send on a wild goose chase, put on the wrong track, pull the wool over someone's eyes
    humorous be economical with the truth, tell a terminological inexactitude
    vulgar slang bullshit
    [Antonyms] tell the truth
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    Synonyms of lie in English:



  • 1 he was lying on a bed
    recline, lie down, lie back, be recumbent, be prostrate, be supine, be prone, be stretched out, stretch oneself out, lean back, sprawl, rest, repose, relax, lounge, loll, bask
    [Antonyms] stand
  • 2 her handbag lay on a chair at the other end of the room
  • 3 the tiny principality which lies on the border of Switzerland and Austria
    be situated, be located, be placed, be positioned, be found, be sited, be established, be
  • 4 his body lies in a crypt below our headquarters
    be buried, be interred, be laid to rest, rest, be entombed
    rare be inhumed, be sepulchred
  • 5 the difficulty lies in building real quality into the products
    consist, be inherent, inhere, be present, be contained, exist, reside, have its existence/being
  • Phrases

    lie heavy on

    it was the loss of human life that lay heavy on himtroubleworrybothertormentoppressnagprey on one's mindplagueniggle atgnaw athauntbe a burden toburdenpress down onweigh downbe a great weight onweigh heavily on someone's mindcause anxiety to informalbugaggravate

    lie low

    we'll have to lie low and wait for darkhidego into hidinghide outfind a hiding placeconceal oneselfkeep out of sightkeep a low profiletake covergo to earthgo to groundgo undergroundcover one's trackslurkskulk informalhole upBritish informallie doggo

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