Synonyms of lie in English:

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lie 1


  • Len's loyalty to his mates had made him tell lies
    untruth, falsehood, fib, fabrication, deception, made-up story, trumped-up story, invention, piece of fiction, fiction, falsification, falsity, fairy story/tale, cock and bull story, barefaced lie;
    (little) white lie, half-truth, exaggeration, prevarication, departure from the truth;
    yarn, story, red herring, fable, myth, flight of fancy, figment of the imagination;
    pretence, pretext, sham;
    (liesmisinformation, disinformation, perjury, dissimulation, mendacity, gossip, propaganda
    informal tall story, tall tale, whopper
    British informal porky, pork pie, porky pie
    vulgar slang bullshit
    Australian/New Zealand vulgar slang bulldust
    [Antonyms] truth, fact
  • Phrases

    give the lie to
    the success of our manufactured exports gives the lie to the Opposition's portrayal of manufacturing
    [Antonyms] show to be true, verify, confirm
    informal shoot full of holes, shoot down (in flames)


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  • he had lied to the police as to his whereabouts
    say something untrue, tell an untruth, tell a lie, tell a falsehood, fib, fabricate, invent a story, make up a story, falsify, dissemble, dissimulate, bear false witness;
    tell a white lie, prevaricate, exaggerate, stretch the truth;
    perjure oneself, commit perjury, forswear oneself, be forsworn;
    bluff, pretend, depart from the truth;
    deceive, delude, mislead, trick, hoodwink, hoax, take in, lead astray, throw off the scent, send on a wild goose chase, put on the wrong track, pull the wool over someone's eyes
    informal lie through one's teeth, con
    humorous be economical with the truth, tell a terminological inexactitude
    vulgar slang bullshit
    [Antonyms] tell the truth
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    Synonyms of lie in English:

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    lie 2


  • 1 he was lying on a bed
    recline, lie down, lie back, be recumbent, be prostrate, be supine, be prone, be stretched out, stretch oneself out, lean back, sprawl, rest, repose, relax, lounge, loll, bask
    [Antonyms] stand
  • 2 her handbag lay on a chair at the other end of the room
  • 3 the tiny principality which lies on the border of Switzerland and Austria
    be situated, be located, be placed, be positioned, be found, be sited, be established, be
  • 4 his body lies in a crypt below our headquarters
    be buried, be interred, be laid to rest, rest, be entombed
    rare be inhumed, be sepulchred
  • 5 the difficulty lies in building real quality into the products
    consist, be inherent, inhere, be present, be contained, exist, reside, have its existence/being
  • Phrases

    lie heavy on
    it was the loss of human life that lay heavy on him
    trouble, worry, bother, torment, oppress, nag, prey on one's mind, plague, niggle at, gnaw at, haunt;
    be a burden to, burden, press down on, weigh down, be a great weight on, weigh heavily on someone's mind, cause anxiety to
    informal bug, aggravate
    lie low
    we'll have to lie low and wait for dark
    hide, go into hiding, hide out, find a hiding place, conceal oneself, keep out of sight, keep a low profile, take cover, go to earth, go to ground, go underground, cover one's tracks, lurk, skulk
    informal hole up
    British informal lie doggo
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