Synonyms of lifeless in English:



  • 1 they dropped the lifeless body into the shallow grave
    dead, deceased, defunct, departed, late, extinct, perished, gone, no more, passed on/away, stiff, cold, (as) dead as a doornail
    [Antonyms] alive
  • 2 a lifeless rag doll
    inanimate, inorganic, without life, inert, insentient, insensate, wooden, mechanical, abiotic;
    [Antonyms] animate
  • 3 a lifeless planet the lifeless, emotionless city of the future
    barren, sterile, bare, desolate, stark, arid, infertile, uncultivated, empty, uninhabited, unoccupied;
    cold, bleak, joyless, colourless, characterless, soulless
  • 4 he spoke in a dull, lifeless voice a lifeless performance
    lacklustre, spiritless, lacking vitality, apathetic, torpid, lethargic;
    dull, monotonous, boring, tedious, dreary, insipid, unexciting, wearisome, bland, drab, dry, flat, static, stiff, wooden, mechanical, uninspired, inexpressive, expressionless, emotionless, colourless, characterless, two-dimensional, uninspiring
    [Antonyms] lively, vibrant
  • 5 lifeless hair
    lank, lustreless
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