Synonyms of light in English:

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light 1


  • 1 the houses had only the shadowy light of candles and oil lamps
    [Antonyms] darkness
  • 2 there was a light on in the hall he shone his light into Oliver's face
    lamp, torch, flashlight;
    headlight, headlamp, sidelight;
    standard lamp, wall light;
    lantern, candle, taper, beacon
  • 3 have you got a light?
    match, (cigarette) lighter, flame, spark, source of fire
  • 4 don't worry, we'll be driving in the light and we won't have to go fast
    daylight, light of day, natural light, sunlight;
    daylight hours, daytime, day, hours of sunlight
    [Antonyms] darkness, night-time
  • 5 he saw the problem in a different light the work sheds new light on the early history of the library
    aspect, angle, slant, approach, interpretation, viewpoint, standpoint, context, point of view, vantage point;
    appearance, guise, hue, complexion
  • 6 light dawned on Loretta, and she launched herself into her part
    understanding, enlightenment, illumination, comprehension, insight, awareness, knowledge, elucidation, explanation, clarification, edification
    [Antonyms] ignorance
  • 7 an eminent legal light
    expert, authority, master, leader, guru;
  • 8 he served his party loyally according to his lights
    talent, skill, ability;
    intelligence, mental powers, intellect, knowledge, understanding
  • Phrases

    bring something to light
    a serious case of corruption within government was first brought to light by an internal audit
    [Antonyms] hush up, keep secret
    reveal, disclose, expose, uncover, show up, lay bare, unveil, manifest, unearth, dig up, dig out, turn up, bring to notice, detect, identify, dredge up, smoke out, root out, ferret out, hunt out, nose out
    come to light
    the thefts came to light early last year
    [Antonyms] remain secret, remain hidden
    be discovered, be uncovered, be unearthed, appear, come out, transpire, become known, become apparent, materialize, emerge, crop up, turn up, show up, pop up
    in the light of
    I see no reason, in the light of these reports, to abandon our current policy
    see the light
    he believed that if he could talk to his opponents, he could make them see the light
    understand, realize
    informal cotton on, catch on, get the message, get the picture, have an aha moment
    British informal twig
    throw/cast/shed light on
    no one could shed any light on the mysterious car accident
    explain, elucidate, clarify, clear up, offer/give an explanation for/of, make clear, make plain, interpret, comment on


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  • Alan gathered sticks and lit a fire Rickie lit a cigarette
    set alight, set light to, set burning, set on fire, set fire to, put/set a match to, ignite, kindle, burn, spark (off), fire, touch off, start, torch
    archaic enkindle
    [Antonyms] extinguish, put out
  • Phrases

    light up
    the dashboard lit up
    become bright, brighten, become brighter, lighten, flash, shine, gleam, flare, blaze, glint, sparkle, flicker, shimmer, glisten, scintillate, glare, beam
    light something up
  • 1 a flare lit up the night sky
    make bright, brighten, illuminate, make brighter, lighten, throw/cast/shed light on, shine on, irradiate, flood with light, floodlight
    literary illumine
  • 2 her enthusiasm lit up her face
    animate, irradiate, brighten, make cheerful, cheer up, enliven
  • adjective

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  • 1 a cool and light breakfast room adjoins the bar
    bright, full of light, well lit, well lighted, well illuminated, sunny, sunshiny, undimmed, brilliant
    [Antonyms] dark, gloomy
  • 2 a subtle colour scheme of light pastel shades
    [Antonyms] dark
  • 3 a young woman with light hair
    [Antonyms] dark, brunette
  • Word links

    photo- related prefix, as in photograph
    lumin- related prefix, as in luminescent
    luc- related prefix, as in Lucifer
    optics study of behaviour of light
    photometry measurement of the intensity of light
    photophobia fear of light
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    Synonyms of light in English:

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    light 2


  • 1 it's light, portable, and you can use it anywhere you're as light as a feather!
    easy to lift, not heavy, weighing very little, lightweight;
    easy to carry, portable, transportable, weightless, insubstantial, airy
    [Antonyms] heavy
  • 2 a light cotton robe
    [Antonyms] heavy, thick
  • 3 she seemed as light on her feet as a dancer
    nimble, deft, agile, lithe, limber, lissom, flexible, supple, adroit, graceful, acrobatic, lively, active, quick, quick-moving, spry, sprightly;
    informal twinkle-toed, nippy
    literary fleet, lightsome
    [Antonyms] clumsy
  • 4 cotton lavender needs a dry sunny situation in light soil
    friable, sandy, easily dug, workable;
    crumbly, not dense, loose, porous
    [Antonyms] dense
  • 5 a light dinner
    small, modest, scanty, simple, skimpy, frugal, not heavy, not rich, not large;
    easily digested, digestible
    [Antonyms] heavy, rich
  • 6 I was put on light duties
    easy, simple, undemanding, untaxing, unexacting, not burdensome, moderate, endurable, bearable, tolerable
    informal cushy
    [Antonyms] hard, burdensome
  • 7 his eyes gleamed with light mockery
    gentle, mild, moderate, slight;
    playful, light-hearted, easy-going;
    witty, dry
    [Antonyms] serious
  • 8 light entertainment light reading
    amusing, humorous, funny, chucklesome, witty, light-hearted;
    frivolous, unserious, superficial, trivial, trifling
    [Antonyms] serious, deep
  • 9 I pitched into the chores with a light heart
    buoyant, vivacious, bubbly, jaunty, bouncy, breezy, optimistic, positive, upbeat, ebullient, easy-going, free and easy, happy-go-lucky
    dated gay
  • 10 this is no light matter
    unimportant, insignificant, trivial, trifling, petty, worthless, inconsequential, inconsiderable, superficial
    [Antonyms] serious, important
  • 11 he heard light footsteps she leaned up and planted a light kiss on Dave's mouth
    gentle, delicate, soft, dainty, graceful;
    faint, indistinct
    [Antonyms] heavy
  • 12 her heart was pounding and her head felt light
    informal woozy, funny
    dated queer
  • Phrases

    make light of something
    I don't want to make light of a serious issue
    play down, downplay, understate, underrate, rate too low, not do justice to, do an injustice to, underplay, de-emphasize, underemphasize, trivialize, minimize, diminish, downgrade, reduce, lessen, brush aside, gloss over, shrug off
    rare misprize, minify
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    Synonyms of light in English:

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    light 3



    light into
  • 1 informal we started lighting into our attackers
    assault, set upon, fall on, attack, assail, turn on, lash out at, round on, strike, beat;
    thrash, drub, thump, batter, hammer, pummel, hit out at, strike out at, (let) fly at, weigh into, belabour
    British informal have a go at
  • 2 my father really lit into me for being late
    informal pitch into, rap someone's knuckles, slap someone's wrist, dress down, give someone a dressing-down, carpet, tell off, bawl out
    British informal tick off, have a go at, slag off
    North American informal chew out
    rare reprehend, excoriate, objurgate
  • light on/upon
    we will suppose that the author has lighted upon important new material
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