Synonyms of likely in English:



  • 1 it seemed likely that a scandal of some sort would eventually break the likely outcome of the vote
    probable, distinctly possible, to be expected, odds-on, on, possible, credible, plausible, believable, within the bounds of possibility, imaginable;
    expected, anticipated, natural, prospective, predictable, predicted, foreseeable, ten to one, liable;
    sure, destined, fated;
    in the wind, in the air
    [Antonyms] unlikely, impossible, improbable
  • 2 a more likely explanation for the slump can be found in the shaky financial structure of the club
    plausible, reasonable, feasible, acceptable, believable, credible, tenable, conceivable
    [Antonyms] incredible, unbelievable
  • 3 ironic Gone running has he? A likely story!
    unlikely, implausible, unbelievable, incredible, untenable, unacceptable, inconceivable
    [Antonyms] believable
  • 4 it was a likely place for a romantic-minded young girl to frequent
  • 5 what would I be needing money for with a likely lad like Tom here to support me?
    likely to succeed, promising, talented, gifted
    informal up-and-coming
  • adverb

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  • he was most likely dead
    informal like enough, (as) like as not
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