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  • 1 liquid fuels
    fluid, flowing, running; runny, watery, thin, sloppy, aqueous, liquefied; melted, molten, thawed, dissolved, uncongealed
    technical hydrous
    [Antonyms] solid, gaseous
  • 2 her liquid eyes
    clear, transparent, limpid, crystal clear, crystalline, see-through; translucent, pellucid, unclouded, uncloudy; bright, shining, brilliant, glowing, gleaming
    [Antonyms] cloudy, opaque
  • 3 her liquid voice
    pure, clear, smooth, fluent, distinct, clarion; mellifluous, dulcet, mellow, sweet, sweet-sounding, sweet-toned, soft, melodious, honeyed, soothing, tuneful, musical, lilting, lyrical, harmonious, euphonious
    rare mellifluent
    [Antonyms] cacophonous disharmonious
  • 4 liquid assets
    convertible, negotiable, disposable, usable, realizable, obtainable, spendable
    [Antonyms] unavailable tied up
  • noun

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  • a vat of liquid
    fluid; moisture, wet, wetness, damp, dampness; liquor; solution; juice, sap, secretion
    [Antonyms] solid, gas
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    liquid, fluid
    Just as these two words are close in their scientific senses, they have similar figurative meanings.Scientifically, liquid is the narrower term, denoting a fluid, such as water or oil, that flows but has constant volume (at constant temperature and pressure). A liquid has no fixed shape and yields easily to external pressure; thus we can talk metaphorically about liquid assets (such as shares or commodities) that can easily be converted into cash, while a liquid market features much trading and continual price movements. Liquid is also used of things that are clear to the eye or ear ( liquid blue eyes | the liquid song of a bird).In its scientific sense, fluid denotes anything that flows, including gases, which can change shape more dramatically than liquids. In figurative uses, a fluid situation is also very volatile, while fluid pricing, to which airline flights and package holidays in particular are now subject, means that their prices are varied continually, according to the demand from customers or the cash-flow requirements of the business. Fluid is also used to indicate effortless and graceful movement ( in one fluid movement, he picked up the bag and its contents).

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