Synonyms of live in English:


Pronunciation: rhymes with ‘give’


  • 1 he was one of the greatest mathematicians who ever lived
    exist, be alive, be, have being, have life;
    breathe, draw breath, walk the earth;
    be extant
    informal be in the land of the living
    [Antonyms] die, be dead
  • 2 I live in central London about 38,000 people live in the area
    reside, have one's home, have one's residence, be settled;
    be housed, lodge, board;
    inhabit, occupy, populate;
    Scottish stay
    informal hang out, hang one's hat, put up
    archaic bide
  • 3 he lived quietly during his remaining years
    pass one's life, spend one's life, lead one's life, have a life, have a lifestyle;
    behave, conduct oneself, comport oneself
  • 4 she had lived a difficult life
    experience, spend, pass, lead, have, go through, undergo
  • 5 old people living on small fixed pensions Freddy lived by his wits
    survive, make a living, earn one's living, eke out a living;
    subsist, support oneself, sustain oneself;
    keep alive, stay alive, maintain oneself, make ends meet, keep body and soul together
  • 6 couldn't we just forget about work for one afternoon and live a little?
    enjoy oneself, enjoy life, have fun, be happy, live life to the full;
    flourish, prosper, thrive, make the most of life
  • Phrases

    live it up

    informal those two are living it up in Hawaii
    live extravagantly, live in the lap of luxury, live in clover;
    carouse, revel, overindulge, party, enjoy oneself, celebrate, have a good time, roister
    informal go on a spree, push the boat out, paint the town red, have a ball, make whoopee, go overboard, make a pig of oneself
    North American informal live high on/off the hog
    archaic wassail

    live off/on

    scavenging seabirds live off discarded fish
    subsist on, feed on/off, rely for nourishment on, thrive on, depend on;
    eat, consume, use

    live up to

    the drive certainly lived up to my expectations
    [Antonyms] exceed, fall short of
    measure up to, match up to, come up to, reach, satisfy, fulfil, achieve, meet, equal, be equal to, be on a level with, compare with, admit of comparison, bear comparison with;
    be good enough, fit/fill the bill
    informal hold a candle to

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    Synonyms of live in English:


    Pronunciation: rhymes with ‘five’


  • 1 the use of live bait
    living, alive, having life, breathing;
    animate, organic, biological, sentient;
    informal in the land of the living, among the living
    archaic quick
    [Antonyms] dead, inanimate
  • 2 this is her first live appearance in Britain a live radio phone-in
    in the flesh, personal, in person, actual;
    not pre-recorded, not recorded, unedited;
    not delayed, real-time;
    with an audience
    [Antonyms] recorded
  • 3 he touched a live rail while working on the track
    informal hot
    [Antonyms] inactive
  • 4 the fire grate was full of live coals
  • 5 a live grenade
    unexploded, explosive, explodable, active;
    loaded, charged, primed;
    unstable, volatile
    [Antonyms] inactive
  • 6 gay rights have become a live issue across America
    topical, current, of current interest, contemporary;
    burning, pressing, important, vital;
    controversial, debatable, unsettled
  • Phrases

    live wire

    she's a real live wire
    energetic person
    informal ball of fire, fireball, human dynamo, busy bee, eager beaver, go-getter, whizz-kid, mover and shaker, powerhouse, life and soul of the party, tiger, demon

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