Synonyms of long in English:



  • 1 a tall girl with long brown hair this was followed by a long tense silence
    lengthy, of considerable length, extended, prolonged, extensive, stretched out, spread out; long-lasting, lasting
    [Antonyms] short
  • 2 the white rhinoceros can reach 17 feet long
  • 3 the couple fought a long battle to get welfare benefits a long speech
    prolonged, protracted, lengthy, overlong, extended, long-drawn-out, drawn-out, spun-out, dragged-out, seemingly endless, lingering, interminable; tedious, boring, wearisome
    [Antonyms] short brief
  • noun

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    before long

    before long, others will followsoonshortlypresentlyin the near futurein a short timein a little whilein a minutein a momentin an instantin the twinkling of an eyein (less than) no timein no time (at all)before you know itany minute (now)by and by informalin a jiffyin two shakesin two shakes of a lamb's tailbefore you can say Jack Robinson archaic or informalanon archaicere long

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    Synonyms of long in English:



  • all through the exams I longed for the holidays she had longed to be invited to the party
    yearn, pine, ache, wish, burn, hanker for/after, hunger, thirst, itch, pant, hope, be eager, be desperate, be consumed with desire, be unable to wait, would give one's eye teeth; crave, need, lust after, dream of, set one's heart on, be bent on, eat one's heart out over, covet; want, desire, set one's sights on
    informal have a yen, be dying, yen
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    long, yearn, pine, hanker
    See yearn

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