Synonyms of loop in English:



  • 1 make a loop in the twine a loop of rope
    coil, hoop, ring, circle, noose, oval, spiral, curl, twirl, whorl, twist, hook, zigzag, helix, convolution, incurvation
  • 2 the flex has a loop in it
    bend, curve, kink, arc
  • verb

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  • 1 loop a heavy rope around its hind legs
    coil, wind, twist, snake, wreathe, spiral, form a hoop with, form hoops with, make a circle with, make circles with, bend into spirals/whorls
  • 2 the driveway looped around the house
    encircle, form a ring round, surround, encompass
    rare incurvate
  • 3 he took two cables and looped them together
    fasten, tie, join, connect, knot, bind, secure, tether, lash, leash
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