Synonyms of lump in English:



  • 1 a lump of coal
    chunk, wedge, hunk, piece, mass, block, slab, cake, nugget, ball, brick, cube, dab, pat, knob, clod, gobbet, dollop, wad, clump, cluster, mound, concentration; bit, segment, portion
    informal gob, glob
  • 2 he had a huge lump on his head
  • verb

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  • the media tend to lump together women singer-songwriters
    combine, put, group, bunch, aggregate, unite, pool, mix, blend, merge, mass, join, fuse, conglomerate, coalesce, consolidate, collect, throw, consider together
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    Pronunciation: əˈnämələs
    deviating from what is standard, normal, or expected

    Synonyms of lump in English:





    lump it

    we're going to the swimming pool tomorrow, like it or lump itput up with itbear itendure ittake ittolerate itsuffer itaccept itmake allowances for itabide itbrook itweather itcountenance itScottishthole it informalstick itstomach itstand itswallow ithack itwear it

    Definition of lump in: