Synonyms of lump in English:



  • 1 a lump of coal
    chunk, wedge, hunk, piece, mass, block, slab, cake, nugget, ball, brick, cube, dab, pat, knob, clod, gobbet, dollop, wad, clump, cluster, mound, concentration;
    informal gob, glob
  • 2 he had a huge lump on his head
  • verb

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  • the media tend to lump together women singer-songwriters
    combine, put, group, bunch, aggregate, unite, pool, mix, blend, merge, mass, join, fuse, conglomerate, coalesce, consolidate, collect, throw, consider together
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    Synonyms of lump in English:





    lump it

    we're going to the swimming pool tomorrow, like it or lump it
    put up with it, bear it, endure it, take it, tolerate it, suffer it, accept it, make allowances for it, abide it, brook it, weather it, countenance it;
    Scottish thole it
    informal stick it, stomach it, stand it, swallow it, hack it, wear it

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