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  • 10 parliament makes laws
    formulate, draw up, write, frame, draft, form, enact, pass, lay down, establish, institute, found, originate
    parliament makes laws
    [Antonyms] repeal
  • 14 we've got to make a decision
    reach, come to, settle on, determine on, conclude, establish, seal
  • 17 he'll make the first eleven
    gain a place in, get into, gain access to, enter; achieve, attain
  • 18 he believed he could still make the night train
    catch, get, arrive/be in time for, arrive at, reach; get to
    he believed he could still make the night train
    [Antonyms] miss


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make as if/though

he made as if to run away feignpretendgive the impressionmake a show/pretence ofaffectfeintmake out informalput it on

make away with

make believe

pretendfantasizeindulge in fantasydaydreambuild castles in the airbuild castles in Spaindreamimagineromancefancyplay-actplay

make do

  • 2 you'll have to make do with an old car
    make the best of, get by with/on, put to the best use, make the most of

make for

make fun of

it is easy to make fun of politicians tauntpoke fun atchaffteasemake jokes aboutridiculemocklaugh atguymimicparodycaricaturelampoonsatirizeragquizbe sarcastic aboutderidescoff atjeer atjibe at informaltake the mickey out ofsend upribjoshwind uppull someone's legmake a monkey ofNorth American informalgoof onrag onpull someone's chainrazzAustralian/New Zealand informalpoke mullock atsling off atBritish informal, datedrottwit datedmake sport of archaicsmokerally

make it

  • 2 she's very ill—is she going to make it?
    survive, come through, pull through, get better, recover, rally, recuperate

make love

have sexhave sexual intercoursego to bed (together)sleep togetherBritish informalbonkdo itmake whoopeeget one's oatsNorth American informalget it on vulgar slangfuckscrewshaghumpdo the businesshave it away/offBritish vulgar slangknobroger formalcopulatefornicate datedcouple

make off

on seeing the police they made off
[Antonyms] turn up
run away/offtake to one's heelsbeat a hasty retreatfleemake one's getawaymake a quick exitmake a run for itrun for ittake offtake flightboltflymake oneself scarceleaveabsconddecampdo a disappearing act informalclear off/outbeat itdo a runnerleg itmake trackscut and runskedaddlevamoosehightail ithotfoot itshow a clean pair of heelsfly the coopsplitscootscramBritish informalscarperhave it away (on one's toes)North American informallight outbug outcut outpeel outtake a powderBritish informal, datedhook it

make off with

burglars made off with all the wedding presents takestealpurloinpilferabscond withappropriaterun away/off withcarry offsnatchkidnapabduct informalwalk away/off withswipefilchsnafflenablift‘liberate’‘borrow’snitchBritish informalpinchhalf-inchnickwhipknock offnobbleboneNorth American informalheistglomAustralian informalsnavelWest Indian informaltief archaiccribhook

make out

make something out

  • 5 he made out a receipt for $20
    write out, fill out, fill in, complete, draw up, draft, inscribe

make something over to someone

he made over the whole property to his son transfersign overturn overhand overhand ongivehand downleavebequeathbestowpass ondevolvetransmitcededeliverassignconsignconveyentrust

make up

come now, pet, let's kiss and make up
[Antonyms] quarrel
be friends againbury the hatchetdeclare a trucemake peaceforgive and forgetshake handsbecome reconciledsettle one's differencesmend fencescall it quits

make something up

  • 2 he brought another girl with him to make up a foursome
    complete, round off, finish
  • 3 the pharmacist made up the prescription
    prepare, mix, concoct, put together
  • 5 she made up her face carefully
    apply make-up/cosmetics to, powder, rouge
    (make oneself up) • informal put on one's face, do one's face, paint one's face, tart oneself up, do oneself up, apply one's warpaint, doll oneself up

make up for

  • 1 she tried to make up for what she'd said earlier
    atone for, make amends for, compensate for, make recompense for, make reparation for, make redress for, make restitution for, expiate
    formal requite

make up one's mind

stop dithering and make up your mind decidebe decisivecome to a decisionmake a decisionreach a decisiondetermineresolvesettle on a plan of actioncome to a conclusionreach a conclusion

make up to

informal she spent the whole evening making up to Adam flirt withchase afterrun afterpursuemake romantic advances tocourtwoovamp informalchat upmake eyes atmake sheep's eyes atgive the come-on tocome on tobe all over datedset one's cap at

make way

please make way for the king move asideclear the waymake a spacemake roomstand backallow to passallow through


on the make

everyone is on the make, especially the children ambitiousaspiringdeterminedforcefulpushyenterprisingpioneeringprogressiveeagermotivatedenthusiasticenergeticzealouscommittedgo-aheadgo-gettingpurposefulassertiveaggressivehungrypower-hungry

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-facient -faction -fic -genic suffixes meaning 'making or causing …', as in abortifacient , liquefaction , soporific , hallucinogenic

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