Synonyms of means in English:



  • 1 the drugs were obtained by illegal means modern means of communication such as television
  • 2 she doesn't have the means to support herself
    informal dough, bread, dibs, moolah, shekels, gelt, loot, oof, scratch, splosh
    British informal dosh, brass, lolly, spondulicks, wonga, ackers
    North American informal dineros, jack, mazuma
    Australian/New Zealand informal Oscar
  • 3 a man of means
  • Phrases

    by all means

    of course, certainly, definitely, surely, absolutely, naturally, with pleasure, assuredly
    North American informal sure thing

    by means of

    the load was raised by means of a crane
    using, utilizing, employing, through, with the help of, with the aid of, as a result of, by dint of, by way of, by virtue of, via

    by no means

    the result is by no means certain
    not at all, in no way, not in the least, not in the slightest, not the least bit, not by a long shot, certainly not, absolutely not, definitely not, on no account, under no circumstances;
    informal no way

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