Synonyms of moment in English:



  • 1 he thought for a moment before answering
    little while, short time, bit, minute, second, instant, split second
    informal sec, nanosecond, jiffy, jiff
    British informal tick, mo, two ticks
  • 2 she would always remember the moment they met
    point in time, point, time, hour, juncture, stage
  • 3 the issues were of little moment to the voters
    importance, import, significance, consequence, substance, note, mark, prominence, value, weight, concern, interest, gravity, seriousness
  • Phrases

    at the moment

    I am not very anxious to see you at the momentat presentjust nowright nowat this timeat the present timecurrentlypresentlyat this moment in time

    in a moment

    very soonin a minutein a secondin a tricein a flashshortlyany minuteany minute nowin a short timein an instantin the twinkling of an eyein (less than) no timein no time at allbefore you know itbefore longNorth Americanmomentarily informalin a jiffyin a nanosecondin two shakesin two shakes of a lamb's tailbefore you can say Jack Robinsonin the blink of an eyein a blinkin the wink of an eyein a winkbefore you can say knifeBritish informalin a tickin two ticksin a moNorth American informalin a snap archaic or informalanon archaicere long

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