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Synonyms of move in English:


  • 1 she stood up and moved to the door stay there—don't move!
    go, walk, proceed, progress, advance, pass;
    budge, stir, shift, change position, make a move
    rare locomote
    [Antonyms] stay put
  • 2 he moved the chair closer to the fire
    carry, transport, transfer, transpose, shift, switch
  • 3 for some people, things were moving too fast
    progress, make progress, make headway, advance, develop
    [Antonyms] stagnate
  • 4 he urged the council to move quickly
    take action, act, take steps, make a move, do something, take measures, take the initiative
    informal get moving
    [Antonyms] do nothing
  • 5 she's moved—she lives in Cambridge now
    relocate, move house, move away/out, change address/house, leave, go away, decamp;
    change jobs;
    migrate, emigrate;
    Scottish & Northern English  flit
    informal split
    British informal up sticks
    North American informal pull up stakes
  • 6 I was deeply moved by the story
    affect, touch, strike, impress, shake, upset, disturb, hit, disquiet, agitate, stir, make an impression on, have an impact on, tug at someone's heartstrings
    [Antonyms] be unaffected (by), be indifferent (to)
  • 7 she attended a lecture on meditation and was moved to find out more about it
  • 8 they are not prepared to move on this issue
    change, budge, shift one's ground, change one's tune, sing a different song, change one's mind, change one's opinion, have second thoughts;
    do a U-turn, do an about-face, reconsider, climb down, back-pedal;
    British  do an about-turn
  • 9 she moves in the pop and art worlds
    circulate, mix, go round, socialize, fraternize, keep company, associate
    informal hang out, hang around
    British informal hang about
  • 10 I move that we all adjourn to my sitting room
    propose, submit, suggest, put forward, advocate, recommend, request, urge
  • noun

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  • 1 his eyes followed her every move
    movement, motion, action, activity;
    gesture, gesticulation
  • 2 his recent move from Geneva to London
    relocation, change of house/address/job, removal, transfer, posting;
    Scottish & Northern English  flit, flitting
  • 3 the latest move in the war against illegal drugs
    initiative, step, action, act, measure, tack, manoeuvre, tactic, stratagem, deed, gambit, ploy, ruse, trick, dodge
  • 4 it's your move
    turn, go, play;
    opportunity, chance
    informal shot
  • Phrases

    get a move on
    hurry up, speed up, move faster
    North American informal get a wiggle on
    South African informal put foot
    dated make haste
    make a move
  • 1 each army was waiting for the other side to make a move
    do something, take action, act, take measures, take the initiative
    informal get moving
  • 2 it's getting late—I think I'd better be making a move
    leave, take one's leave, take oneself off, be on one's way, get going, depart, be off, set off, take one's farewells
    informal push off, skedaddle, scram, shove off, split
  • on the move
  • 1 she's always on the move
    [Antonyms] in one place
  • 2 the economy appears to be on the move at last
    progressing, making progress, proceeding, advancing, developing, moving/going forward
    [Antonyms] stagnating
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