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Synonyms of name in English:


  • 1 her name's Gemma
    Indian  naam
    informal moniker, handle
    formal appellation, cognomen
  • 2 the top names in the British fashion industry
  • 3 he made his name as one of the greatest steeplechase jockeys of our time this may damage the good name of the firm
  • Phrases

    give someone/something a bad name
    the gas guzzling machinery that gives the country such a bad name
    malign, slander, libel, conduct a smear campaign against, spread lies about, blacken the name/reputation of, sully the reputation of, bring into disrepute, discredit, stigmatize, traduce, calumniate, slur
    informal bad-mouth, do a hatchet job on, take to pieces, pull apart, throw mud at, drag through the mud, slate, knock, slam, pan, roast, bad-mouth, throw brickbats at
    British informal rubbish, slag off, monster
    North American informal pummel, dump on
    Australian/New Zealand informal bag
    rare derogate, vituperate, asperse, vilipend


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  • 1 they named the child Phoebe
    call, give a name to, dub;
    label, style, term, title, entitle;
    archaic clepe
    rare denominate
  • 2 the driver of the car was later named as Jason Penter
    identify, specify, cite, give, mention
  • 3 on March 19th, he named his successor
  • Word links

    nominal, onomastic relating to names
    -onym related suffix, as in pseudonym, synonym
    onomatophobia fear of names
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