Synonyms of nerve in English:



  • 1 the nerves that transmit pain and physical feeling
    nerve fibre
    technical axon
  • 2 the match will be a test of nerve, strength, and skill
    self-confidence, confidence, assurance, self-assurance, coolness, cool-headedness, self-possession; courage, bravery, pluck, pluckiness, boldness, courageousness, braveness, intrepidity, intrepidness, fearlessness, valour, daring, dauntlessness, doughtiness, gameness; determination, strength of character, firmness of purpose, will power, spirit, backbone, fortitude, mettle, heart, endurance, tenacity, resolution, resoluteness, stout-heartedness, steadfastness, staunchness, hardihood
    informal grit, guts, spunk, gumption, gutsiness
    British informal bottle, ballsiness
    North American informal moxie, cojones, sand
    vulgar slang balls
    [Antonyms] timidity faint-heartedness
  • 3 he had the nerve to try and pick up the casting director at his first audition
    audacity, cheek, barefaced cheek, effrontery, gall, temerity, presumption, presumptuousness, boldness, brazenness, impudence, impertinence, insolence, pertness, forwardness, front, arrogance, cockiness
    informal face, neck, brass neck, brass, sauce
    North American informal chutzpah
    informal , dated hide
    British informal , dated crust
    rare procacity, assumption
    [Antonyms] shyness bashfulness, politeness
  • 4 (nerves) an attack of pre-wedding nerves
    anxiety, tension, nervousness, nervous tension, strain, tenseness, stress, worry, cold feet; apprehensiveness, apprehension, jumpiness, fright
    British informal the (screaming) abdabs/habdabs
    Australian rhyming slang Joe Blakes
    [Antonyms] calmness nonchalance
  • Phrases

    get on someone's nerves

    irritateannoyirkangerbothervexprovokedispleaseupsetexasperateinfuriategallget/put someone's back upput outpiquerankle withnettleneedleruffle someone's feathersstroke someone's hair the wrong waymake someone's hackles risetry someone's patiencejar ongrate onBritishrub up the wrong way informalaggravategetget tobugmiffpeeverileget under someone's skinget in someone's hairget up someone's nosehack offget someone's goatBritish informalnarkget on someone's wickgive someone the humpwind upget acrossNorth American informalrankleridegravel vulgar slangpiss offBritish vulgar slangget on someone's tits rareexacerbatehumprasp


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    nerve oneself

    Morag nerved herself to go on
    [Antonyms] lose one's nerve
    brace oneselfsteel oneselfsummon/gather/screw up/muster one's couragescrew one's courage to the sticking placegear oneself upprepare oneselfget in the right frame of mindfortify oneselfbolster oneself informalpsych oneself up literarygird (up) one's loins

    Word links

    neural relating to nerves in the body
    neur(o)- related prefix
    neuritis inflammation of a nerve
    neurology, neuropathology, neurosurgery branches of medicine to do with the nerves
    neurectomy surgical removal of a nerve
    neurotomy surgical cutting of a nerve

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