Synonyms of net in English:

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net 1


  • 1 a dress of dark green voile and net
  • 2 one civil servant, at least, managed to escape the net
    trap, booby trap, snare
    literary toils
  • verb

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  • drug busts that netted big criminals both in Panama and America
    catch, capture, take captive, trap, entrap, snare, ensnare, bag, hook, land
    informal nab, collar
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    Synonyms of net in English:

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    net 2


  • 1 their net earnings
    after taxes, after deductions, take-home, clear, final;
    British  nett
    informal bottom line
    [Antonyms] gross
  • 2 the net result is difficult to predict
    final, end, ultimate, concluding, closing;
    overall, actual, effective
  • verb

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  • the once-struggling actress has netted £50,000 from interviews since the news broke
    earn, make, get, gain, obtain, acquire, accumulate, take home, bring in, pull in, clear, pocket, realize, make a profit of, be paid;
    informal rake in
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