Synonyms of neutral in English:



  • 1 Dorothy has no axe to grind. She's completely neutral
    [Antonyms] biased partisan
  • 2 during the Second World War, Portugal remained neutral
    [Antonyms] combatant belligerent
  • 3 she racked her brain desperately for a neutral topic of conversation
    inoffensive, bland, unobjectionable, unexceptionable, anodyne, unremarkable, ordinary, commonplace, run-of-the-mill, everyday; safe, harmless, innocuous
    [Antonyms] provocative offensive
  • 4 a neutral background will make any small splash of colour stand out
    pale, pastel, light-toned; beige, cream, taupe, oatmeal, ecru, buff, fawn, grey, greige, sand, stone-coloured, stone, mushroom, putty; colourless, uncoloured, washed out, indefinite, indistinct, indeterminate, neither one thing nor the other, insipid, nondescript, toneless, dull, drab
    [Antonyms] bright colourful
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