Synonyms of nick in English:



  • 1 there was a slight nick half way up the blade
    cut, scratch, abrasion, incision, snick, scrape; notch, chip, score, gouge, gash; dent, indentation; flaw, mark, blemish, defect
  • 2British informal you'll end up in the nick See prison
  • 3British informal she was down at Lewisham nick, helping police with their enquiries
    police station, station; North Americanprecinct, station house, substation; Indiankotwali, thana
    informal cop shop
  • 4British informal the car's in fairly good nick
    condition, repair, shape, state, state of health, order, working order, form, fettle, trim
  • Phrases

    in the nick of time

    they arrived in the nick of timejust in timenot a moment too soonalmost too lateat the critical momentNorth American informalunder the wire archaicin the Godspeedin the very nick


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  • 1 I didn't nick my skin even though I shaved quickly
    cut, scratch, abrade, incise, snick, scrape; notch, chip, gouge, gash, score
  • 2British informal he says you nicked his wallet See steal
  • 3British informal Steve's been nicked See arrest
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