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Synonyms of object in English:


Pronunciation: stress on the first syllable
  • 1 wooden objects
    thing, article, item, piece, device, gadget, entity, body
    informal thingamajig, thingamabob, thingummy, whatsit, whatchamacallit, what-d'you-call-it, thingy
    British informal doodah, doobry, gubbins
    North American informal doodad, doohickey, doojigger
    North American & South African informal dingus
    [Antonyms] abstract idea, notion
  • 2 he became the object of fierce criticism
    target, butt, focus, recipient, victim
  • 3 the Institute was opened with the object of promoting scientific study
    purpose, objective, aim, goal, target, end, end in view, plan, object of the exercise;
  • verb

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  • stress on the second syllable some teachers objected to the scheme no reasonable person could have objected
    protest (against), lodge a protest (against), raise/express objections (to), express disapproval (of), express disagreement (with), oppose, be in opposition (to), take exception (to), take issue (with), take a stand against, argue (against), remonstrate (against), make a fuss (about), quarrel with, disapprove (of), condemn, draw the line (at), demur, mind, complain (about), moan (about), grumble (about), grouse (about), cavil (at), quibble (about);
    North American informal kvetch (about)
    [Antonyms] approve, accept, acquiesce
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