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Synonyms of outstanding in English:


  • 1 an outstanding painter
    excellent, marvellous, magnificent, superb, fine, wonderful, superlative, exceptional, formidable, first-class, first-rate, virtuoso, skilful, masterful, masterly
    British informal brilliant, brill, bosting
    North American informal neat, badass, boss
    US informal on fleek
    Australian informal bonzer
    British informal, dated wizard, spiffing, ripping, topping, champion, capital, top-hole
    North American informal, dated swell, keen
    vulgar slang shit-hot
    [Antonyms] mediocre
  • 2 the site has outstanding views
    remarkable, extraordinary, exceptional, striking, eye-catching, vivid, arresting, impressive, distinctive, unforgettable, catchy, haunting, indelible, not/never to be forgotten, memorable, signal, special, momentous, monumental, significant, historic, notable, noteworthy, important, consequential, distinguished, pre-eminent, eminent, well known, famous, famed, celebrated, renowned, notorious, illustrious
    informal out of this world
    [Antonyms] unexceptional
  • 3 how much work is still outstanding?
    to be done, undone, not done, neglected, omitted, unattended to, unfinished, incomplete, left, remaining, pending, ongoing
    [Antonyms] complete, finished
  • 4 outstanding debts
    unpaid, unsettled, owing, owed, to be paid, payable, receivable, due, overdue, undischarged, in arrears, in the red;
    North American  delinquent, past due
    [Antonyms] paid, settled
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