Synonyms of pad in English:



  • 1 Sister will put a pad over your eye for the time being
    dressing, compress, pack, padding, wadding, wad, stuffing
  • 2 the chair comes with a loose seat pad
    cushion, squab, pillow, bolster;
    filling, stuffing, upholstery
  • 3 he was making notes on a pad
    North American scratch pad
  • verb

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  • a quilted jacket padded with duck feathers for extra warmth
    stuff, fill, pack, line, wad, upholster, cushion
  • Phrases

    pad something out

    don't pad out your answer to make it seem impressive
    [Antonyms] tighten up, condense
    spin out, fill out, augment, amplify, increase, add to, stretch out, eke out, flesh out, lengthen, overdo, protract, elaborate

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    Synonyms of pad in English:



  • I make no noise as I pad along towards the bedroom
    walk quietly, tread softly, walk barefoot, walk in stockinged feet, walk in slippers, shuffle, soft-shoe
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