Synonyms of pan in English:



  • 1 heat the olive oil in a heavy pan
    container, cooking utensil;
    Indian karahi
  • 2 the evaporation of sea water in salt pans
  • verb

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  • 1 informal the movie was panned by the critics
    criticize, censure, attack, lambaste, condemn, find fault with, give a bad press to, flay, savage, shoot down, bring under fire
    informal knock, take to pieces, take/pull apart, crucify, hammer, slam, bash, give something a battering
    roast, skewer, maul, throw brickbats at
    British informal slate, rubbish, slag off, monster
    North American informal trash, pummel
    Australian/New Zealand informal bag
    [Antonyms] praise, commend, applaud
  • 2 prospectors panned for gold
    sift for, search for, look for
  • Phrases

    pan out

  • 1 Harold's idea had been a good one even if it hadn't panned out
    succeed, be successful, work, turn out well, work out
    informal do the trick
  • 2 the deal panned out badly
    turn out, work out, conclude, end (up), result, come out, fall out, develop, evolve
    rare eventuate
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    Synonyms of pan in English:



  • the camera panned to the building
    swing (round), sweep, track, move, turn, circle
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