Synonyms of panic in English:



  • she felt a wave of panic he ran outside in a panic
    informal flap, fluster, state, cold sweat, funk, tizzy, tizz
    North American informal swivet
    [Antonyms] calm, calmness
  • verb

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  • 1 there's no need to panic
    be alarmed, be scared, be nervous, be afraid, overreact, become panic-stricken, take fright, be filled with fear, be terrified, be agitated, be hysterical, lose one's nerve, be perturbed, get overwrought, get worked up, go/fall to pieces, lose control, fall apart
    informal flap, get in a flap, lose one's cool, get the jitters, get into a tizzy/tizz, run around like a headless chicken, freak, freak out, get in a stew, get the willies, get the (screaming) heebie-jeebies
    British informal get the wind up, go into a (flat) spin, have kittens, lose one's bottle, throw a wobbly, have an attack of the wobblies
  • 2 talk of love panicked her
    frighten, alarm, scare, unnerve, fill with panic, agitate, horrify, terrify
    informal throw into a tizzy/tizz, freak, freak out, spook
    British informal put the wind up
    [Antonyms] relax
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