Synonyms of pass in English:



  • 1 the traffic passing through the village
    go, proceed, move, progress, make one's way, travel, drive, fly; run, flow, course, stream, roll, drift, sweep
    the traffic passing through the village
    [Antonyms] halt stop
  • 2 every time a car passed him, he worried it might be the police
    overtake, go past, move past, go by, get ahead of, pull ahead of, go ahead of; outstrip, outdistance, lap, leave behind; British overhaul
  • 6 he passed the ball back to the goalkeeper
    kick, hit, throw, head, lob, loft
  • 7 on her death in 1865, the estate passed to her grandson
    be transferred, be made over, be turned over, be signed over, go, devolve, be left, be bequeathed, be handed down/on, be given, be consigned, be passed on
  • 11 he passed the entrance exam
    be successful in, succeed in, gain a pass in, get through, come through, meet the requirements of, pass muster in; qualify, graduate
    informal come up to scratch in, come up to snuff in, sail through, scrape through
    he passed the entrance exam
    [Antonyms] fail
  • 13 there was no way she could let that comment pass
    go unnoticed, go unheeded, stand, go, be accepted, go unremarked, go undisputed, go uncensored
  • 14 I'm hardly in a position to pass judgement on her
    declare, pronounce, utter, express, deliver, issue, set forth


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  • 2 a cross-field pass
    kick, hit, throw, shot, header


come to pass

such a moment came to pass one fateful Saturday back in 1985 happencome aboutoccurtranspirearise literarybefall

pass away/on

she passed away peacefully in her sleep See die

pass as/for

she could easily pass for someone half her age be mistaken forbe taken forbe regarded asbe accepted as

pass off

  • 1 the rally passed off peacefully
    take place, go off, happen, occur, be carried though, be completed, be brought to a conclusion, be accomplished; turn out, fall out, pan out; North American go down
  • 2 when the dizziness passed off he sat up and looked at his watch
    wear off, come to an end, fade, fade away, pass, disappear, vanish, die down, ebb

pass someone off

he added Natasha's name to his passport, passing her off as his daughter misrepresentfalsely representgive a false identity todisguisedress up

pass out

she probably banged her head when she passed out faintcollapselose consciousnessblack outkeel over informalflake outconk out literaryswoon

pass something over

the court cannot possibly pass over these offences disregardoverlookignoreavoid consideringnot take into considerationforgetpay no attention tolet passlet gogloss overtake no notice ofpay no heed totake no account ofclose one's eyes toturn a deaf ear toturn a blind eye toomitskip archaicoverleap

pass something up

I can't pass up a bargain like this, can I? fail to take advantage ofturn downrejectrefusedeclinedeny oneselfgive upforgolet go bylet passmissmiss out onignorebrush asidedismisswaivespurnneglectabandon informalgive something a miss


come to a pretty pass

things have come to a pretty pass if the tabloids are influencing England's selection policy reach a regrettable/bad state (of affairs)be in a worrying statebe in a sad plightbe in troubled circumstancesbe in dire straits informalbe in a pickle/hole

make a pass at

I bet he made a pass at Elizabeth make sexual advances tomake advances tomake sexual overtures topropositionmake a sexual approach to informalcome on tomake a play forNorth American informalhit onmake time withput the make on datedmake love to

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Synonyms of pass in English:



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