Synonyms of penny in English:




a pretty penny

informal I bet this costs a pretty penny
a lot of money, a fortune, a considerable/vast sum of money, millions, billions, a king's ransom, a killing, a windfall, a bonanza
informal a small fortune, lots/pots/heaps of money, a mint, a bundle, a packet, a wad, a pile, a stack, a heap, a tidy sum
British informal a bomb, shedloads, a shedload
North American big bucks, big money, gazillions
Australian informal big bickies, motser, motza

two/ten a penny

nursing homes are two a penny in Devon
numerous, abundant, thick on the ground, profuse, plentiful, prolific, copious, legion, innumerable, countless, infinite, numberless;
in large numbers, by the gross, in strength, by the yard;
very common, widespread, popular, universal, ubiquitous
literary myriad, innumerous, manifold

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