Synonyms of penny in English:




a pretty penny

informal I bet this costs a pretty pennya lot of moneya fortunea considerable/vast sum of moneymillionsbillionsa king's ransoma killinga windfalla bonanza informala small fortunelots/pots/heaps of moneya minta bundlea packeta wada pilea stacka heapa tidy sumtelephone numbersBritish informala bombshedloadsa shedloadNorth Americanbig bucksbig moneygazillionsAustralian informalbig bickiesmotsermotza

two/ten a penny

nursing homes are two a penny in Devonnumerousabundantthick on the groundprofuseplentifulprolificcopiouslegioninnumerablecountlessinfinitenumberlessin large numbersby the grossin strengthby the yardvery commonwidespreadpopularuniversalubiquitous literarymyriadinnumerousmanifold

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