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  • 1 one of his pictures stood on an easel in the centre of the room
  • 2 I would not let the photographer take the picture
    photograph, photo, shot, snap, snapshot, image, portrait, study; print, slide, transparency, negative, positive, plate, film, bromide, frame, exposure, still, proof, enlargement; Britishenprint
  • 3 they have a picture of the sort of person the child should be
    concept, idea, impression, mental picture, view, (mental) image, vision, visualization, notion, theory, abstraction
  • 4 the picture of health
    personification, embodiment, epitome, essence, perfect example, soul, model
  • 5 a picture starring Robert De Niro
    film, movie, feature film; Britishcinema film; North Americanmotion picture
    informal flick
  • 6 (the pictures) Julie took me to the pictures on Saturday
    the cinema, the movies, the silver screen, the big screen; North Americana motion picture house
    informal the flicks
  • Phrases

    get the picture

    she got the picture and rubbed her hands in anticipationunderstand the situationwork out what's going onsee the lightsee daylightget the pointfathomgraspunderstandfollowseetake inrealizeperceiveapprehend informalunderstand/see what's whatcatch onlatch onget the driftget the messageget it

    put someone in the picture

    the museums all help to put the visitor in the pictureinformfill ingive details toexplain the situation togive information toexplain the circumstances todescribe the state of affairs tobring up to dateupdatebriefkeep posted informalclue inbring up to speed


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  • 1 this child was pictured at a feeding centre
    photograph, take/get a photograph/photo of, take someone's picture/photo, take/get a picture of, take/get a snapshot/snap of, take, snap, shoot, take/get a shot of; record, film, capture/record on film/celluloid
  • 2 in the drawing they were pictured against a snowy background
    paint, draw, paint a picture of, sketch, depict, delineate, portray, catch (a likeness of), show, illustrate, reproduce, render, represent
  • 3 Anne still pictured Richard as he had been
    visualize, see in one's mind, see in one's mind's eye, conjure up a picture of, conjure up an image of, imagine, conceive, call to mind, image, see, evoke; fantasize about, dream about
    rare envision
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