Synonyms of pipe in English:



  • 1 a central-heating pipe
    tube, conduit, hose, main, duct, line, channel, canal, conveyor, pipeline, drain, tubing, piping, siphon, cylinder; Medicinefistula
  • 2 he smokes a pipe
    tobacco pipe, briar (pipe), meerschaum, clay pipe; Britishchurchwarden; Scottish & Northern Englishcutty; Anglo-Irishdudeen
  • 3 someone was playing a pipe
    whistle, penny whistle, flute, recorder, fife; chanter, drone; wind instrument
  • 4 (pipes) Scottish regimental pipes and drums
  • verb

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  • 1 the beer is piped into barrels
    convey, channel, siphon, run, feed, lead, bring
  • 2 the programmes will be piped in from London
    transmit, feed, lead, patch
  • 3 he heard a tune being piped
    play on a pipe; play the pipes, tootle, whistle
    literary flute
  • 4 outside a curlew piped a voice piping away in French
  • Phrases

    pipe down

    informal be quietquieten downbe silentfall silenthushstop talkinghold one's tongue informalshut upshut one's face/mouth/trap/gobbutton upbutton it/one's lipbelt upwrap upwrap it upput a sock in itNorth American informalcan it

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