Synonyms of pitch in English:



  • 1 the umpires declared the pitch unfit for first-class cricket
    playing field, field, ground, sports field;
    stadium, arena;
    British close, park
  • 2 her voice rose in pitch
    tone, timbre, sound, key, tonality, modulation, frequency
  • 3 the pitch of the roof
  • 4 her frustration reached such a pitch that she screamed
    level, intensity, point, degree, height, extent
  • 5 a pitch of the ball
    throw, cast, fling, hurl, toss, delivery, lob
    informal chuck, heave
  • 6 his sales pitch
    patter, talk
    informal spiel, line
  • 7 the street traders had already reserved their pitches
    site, place, spot, station;
    Scottish stance
    British informal patch
  • 8 the pitch of the ship
    lurch, pitching, lurching, roll, rolling, plunging, reeling, swaying, rocking, list, wallowing, labouring
    rare keeling
  • Phrases

    make a pitch for

    he made a clear pitch for the support of the left of the party
    try to obtain, try to acquire, try to get, bid for, make a bid for


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  • 1 he crumpled the page up and pitched it into the fireplace
    informal chuck, sling, heave, buzz, whang, bung
    North American informal peg
    Australian informal hoy
    New Zealand informal bish
  • 2 he pitched overboard
    fall, fall headlong, tumble, topple, plunge, plummet, dive, take a nosedive, nosedive
  • 3 they pitched their tents for the night
    put up, set up, erect, raise, position, fix in position, place, locate;
    set up camp
  • 4 the boat pitched sharply
    lurch, toss (about), plunge, roll, reel, sway, rock, flounder, keel, list, wallow, labour;
    Nautical pitchpole
  • Phrases

    pitch in

    everyone pitched in to complete the task
    British informal muck in, get stuck in

    pitch into

    he pitched into the youths with such fury that they ran off
    attack, turn on, lash out at, set upon, assault, fly at, lunge at, let fly at, tear into, weigh into, belabour
    North American informal light into

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    Synonyms of pitch in English:



  • the cement is coated with pitch
    bitumen, asphalt, tar
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