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Synonyms of plenty in English:


  • we live in times of plenty
    prosperity, affluence, wealth, opulence, comfort, well-being, luxury;
    plentifulness, abundance, fruitfulness, profusion
    literary plenteousness
  • pronoun

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  • there are plenty of books available on the subject
    a lot of, many, a great deal of, a good deal of, a large number/amount of, a plethora of, quantities of, enough, more than enough, enough and to spare, no lack of, sufficient, a wealth of, a feast of, a cornucopia of
    informal loads of, lots of, heaps of, bags of, stacks of, piles of, masses of, tons of, oodles of, oceans of, a raft of, a hatful of, more … than one can shake a stick at
    British informal lashings of
    North American informal scads of, a slew of, gobs of, gazillions of
    Australian/New Zealand informal a swag of
    vulgar slang a shitload of, shitloads of
    North American vulgar slang assload
    archaic a deal of, a mickle of, a peck of
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