Synonyms of poison in English:



  • 1
    archaic bane
    rare toxicant
  • 2 Marianne would waste no time in spreading her poison
    malice, maliciousness, ill will, hate, malevolence, malignity, malignancy, balefulness, embitterment, embitteredness, spite, spitefulness, venom, acrimony, acrimoniousness, rancour;
    bad influence, blight, bane, contagion, cancer, canker, corruption, pollution
  • verb

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  • 1 her stepmother poisoned her
    administer poison to, give poison to;
  • 2 a blackmailer had been poisoning baby foods
    contaminate, put poison in, adulterate, tamper with, spike, lace, doctor
  • 3 the Amazon basin is being poisoned by mercury
  • 4 his mind was poisoned against her
    prejudice, bias, jaundice, colour, embitter, sour, envenom, warp, corrupt, subvert
  • Word links

    toxi- related prefix, as in toxigenic
    toxico- related prefix, as in toxicodendron
    toxo- related prefix, as in toxocariasis
    toxicology study of poisons

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