Synonyms of poke in English:



  • 1 they poked him in the ribs he poked the baton hard into the man's stomach
    prod, jab, dig, nudge, tap, butt, ram, shove, punch, prick, jolt; thrust, stab, push, plunge, stick, insert, drive, lunge
  • 2 leave the cable poking out of the wall
    stick out, jut out, stand out, protrude, project, extend, loom
    rare protuberate
  • Phrases

    poke about/around

    you've no right to go poking around in that cupboardsearchhuntrummage (around)foragescrabblegrubroot about/aroundscavengefish about/aroundrake aroundfeel aroundgrope aroundnose aroundferret (about/around)pry intoransackrake throughsift throughgo throughshuffle throughrifle throughscourcombexploreprobeBritish informalrootle (around)

    poke fun at

    they giggled and poked fun at Eleanormockmake fun oflaugh atmake jokes aboutridiculejeer atsneer atderidetreat with contempttreat contemptuouslyscornlaugh to scornscoff atpillorybe sarcastic aboutsatirizelampoonburlesqueparodyteasetauntragmake a monkey ofchaffjibe at informalsend upkidribjoshBritish informalwind uptake the mickey out ofNorth American informalgoof onrag onrazzpull someone's chainAustralian/New Zealand informalpoke mullock atsling off atchiackBritish informal, datedtwitrotBritish vulgar slangtake the piss (out of) datedmake sport of archaicjokequizflout

    poke one's nose into

    she was poking her nose into something that did not concern herpry intointerfere innose around inintrude onbutt intomeddle withtamper with informalsnoop into


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  • 1 Carrie gave him a poke
    prod, jab, dig, elbow, nudge, tap, butt
  • 2 a poke in the eye with a stick
    thrust, push, jab, shove, plunge, insertion
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