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Synonyms of pop in English:


  • 1 champagne corks were popping
    go bang, go off with a bang, go off, crack, snap, burst, explode
  • 2 I'm just popping upstairs
    informal tootle, whip
    British informal nip
  • 3 pop a clear polythene bag over the pot
    put, place, slip, slide, push, stick, rest, deposit, set, lay, settle, locate, install, drop, shove, hang, position, arrange
  • Phrases

    pop one's clogs
    British informal
    he died of a heart attack, and was overweight when he popped his clogs See die (sense 1)
    pop up
    many familiar faces pop up during the twenty-six episodes
    appear, appear suddenly/unexpectedly/abruptly, occur suddenly/abruptly, come into view/sight, materialize, arrive, make/put in an appearance;
    come along, happen, emerge, arise, crop up, turn up, present itself, come on the scene, come to light, manifest itself
    informal show up


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  • 1 the balloons burst with a pop
  • 2 informal a bottle of pop
    fizzy drink, soft drink, carbonated drink;
    North American  soda
    Scottish informal scoosh
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