Synonyms of presence in English:



  • 1 presence of a train on a section of track was indicated electrically
    existence, being there
    [Antonyms] absence
  • 2 I would like to request the presence of an adjudicator
    attendance, attending, appearance, residence, occupancy; company, companionship
    informal turning up, showing, showing up
    [Antonyms] absence
  • 3 he was impressed by her presence
    bearing, carriage, stance, deportment, comportment, attitude, posture, manner, air, guise; demeanour, mien, behaviour, conduct, dignified air/demeanour, dignified bearing, dignity
  • 4 a woman of presence
    aura, charisma, personality, strength/force of personality, individuality, magnetism, attraction; poise, self-assurance, self-possession, self-confidence
  • 5 she felt a presence in the castle
    ghost, spirit, spectre, phantom, vision, wraith, shadow, poltergeist, manifestation, apparition, supernatural being; Scottish & Irishbodach; West Indianduppy
    informal spook
    literary shade, visitant, revenant
    archaic eidolon
  • Phrases

    presence of mind

    composureequanimityself-possessionlevel-headednessaplombpoiseassuranceself-assuranceself-controlnervecalmnesssangfroidcountenancecollectednessimperturbabilityalertnessquicknessquick-wittedness informalcoolunflappability

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