Synonyms of proposition in English:



  • 1 they advanced the proposition that investors prefer high earnings growth
    theory, hypothesis, thesis, argument, premise, postulation, theorem, concept, idea, statement
  • 2 I have a business proposition to put to you
    proposal, scheme, plan, project, programme, manifesto, motion, bid, presentation, submission, suggestion, recommendation, approach
  • 3 I'm not in the market for your sort of proposition
    sexual advance, sexual overture, indecent proposal, improper suggestion, soliciting
    informal pass, come-on
  • 4 getting cold water into the attic is no problem, but hot water is a different proposition
    task, job, undertaking, venture, activity, problem, affair
  • verb

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  • he never dared proposition her
    propose sex with, make sexual advances to, make sexual overtures to, make an indecent proposal to, make an improper suggestion to
    informal give someone the come-on
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